Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn review

It is simply stunning here in Tuscany in the midst of Autumn, the vegetable garden is overflowing with leeks, pumpkin, peppers and aubergines and the small formal herb and flower garden we created this spring is finally looking established and is filling out rapidly now.

We are busily planting spring bulbs and planning a wild flower meadow on the sloping bank leading down to the olive groves.  We have harvested walnuts, sloes, rose hips and plums and all around us the vines are being stripped of their fruits, the olives too are ready to be collected in early November.  With over 100 olives trees on our shared hillside we will be busy next month.

I am currently working on a design for a walking meditation garden where a spiral pathway leads you to a arbour in which a low covered seating area allows you seclusion to sit and reflect.  Along the path will be scented herbs and plants which have healing properties such as lavender & rose.  The garden will include colours related to the shakra points in the body whilst also incorporating elements such as water, metal, crystals,wood and stone.  Drawing inspiration from monastic gardens this sacred space will not only be beautiful in appearance but also purposeful as it will include plants for use in traditional herbal remedies.