Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Fever

Wow - yes I truly believe spring is here.  The Cherry Tree (Prunus) is positively a burst with rosy glowing buds, spring bulbs are pushing their way into the fresh air with gladiator like vigour and every hour of the day our passionflower is twirling its tendrils onwards and upwards over its new arbour.

As spring arrives here in Tuscany life  life gets busy in the garden both in the veg patch and in amongst the flower beds.  This season our garden has a wholly more healthy appearance, every single plant has a sheen, a strength an urgency to thrive - why you ask.  Well the answer is mulch, layers of cardboard, grass cuttings, organic waste and enthusiasm.  We are adopting many principles of permaculture in our gardens and the results are truly heart-warming.  Rows of handsome garlic soldiers can be seen in our upcycled hot-house (stereo cabinet), banks of trailing strawberries are spreading daily along the fences and our new slightly formal flower bed has a very proud and energetic Quince (Cydonia Oblonga) taking central stage.  All of our latest gardening ventures have involved mulching which is truly transforming many flower and vegetable gardens in what can be a challenging climate here in Tuscany.

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