Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grand Designs

Well at one of our busiest times of the year in terms of gardening work we have also been invited to write for the Tuscan Magazine which is really lovely and we are delighted to be putting together a feature on Tuscan Gardens for the next issue of the magazine.  Tuscany is a wide and varied region with differing climates and plants that grow perfectly well in the rolling hills of Siena may suffer in the more alpine areas such as the Garfagnana and Radda, therefore it is crucial to take note of your surroundings and draw inspiration from other gardens around you.  A classic rustic Mediterranean garden may not be possible and checking out the essentials such as water supply, protection from the wind, frost and heat will save you energy and money in the longer term.  Take some time to explore gardens and the landscape near your property and take notes and pictures of plants and architectural features you like, then put together a large scale board with images and plant names on.  Move items around and mix and match colours, textures and shapes, try to understand how you want your own garden to work, live with you plans for a while and research costs involved and labour.  The more research you do the better the approach you will have to creating a garden that will thrive and grow ever more beautiful with time.

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