Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water, water not a drop to spare

He we go again, the gardens we are working on are getting pretty thirsty but we have taken a few measures to stop plants drying out, and are also making sure they get extra nutrients in the hotter days ahead.  Tucked in amongst the leafy plants we have submerged some medium sized plant pots in the ground and are putting chopped up organic matter in the pots and topping the pots up with water whenever possible.  The veg peelings etc are feeding the plants and when we fill the pots with water they then slowly distribute the water.  Make sure you cover the top of the submerged pots with a terracotta bowl or plate to stop the flies though.

Currently in bloom, Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)  which also acts as a great fertiliser, if you chop up the leaves and leave to stew in the spring air for a  few days in a covered tub, let the Tuscan sun do the rest, then feed your veg plants - wonderful, pongy but great stuff.  Or simply cut a few big leaves from the plant and lay these around your young veg plants, as the leaves break down they feed the soil.

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