Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer storms

My last post seems particularly premature as we have now had 8 days of rain, the new herb spiral survived, thankfully, and every other area of the gardens we work with are growing like crazy.  We are currently creating a garden for reflection including lots of medicinal and healing herbs, aromatics and traditional plants usually found in ancient Monastic gardens.  This week I am really in love with Greek Basil which can be grown in pots and trimmed into lovely curves and flowing shapes, the perfect pot to have on the garden table, it smells lovely when you brush the leaves.

Just lately I have seen some real garden disasters, all of which could have been avoided if better planning had been implemented early on.  Following the heavy rain so many pools have been filled with Mud as fast flowing streams of rain wash away soil badly placed around the pool.

Creating rolling banks may seem an answer to utlising the huge amount of excavated earth created when digging out a pool, but it is not, also this is not generally good to grow plants in.  Yesterday I saw a very very sad 'New' garden with mounds of stony earthy piled high and levelled off around the pool and bathing area of a Tuscan house near Poggibonsi.  The hedging plants were dying as there was not top soil or mulch and the swimming pool had been the recipent of streams of muddy water from the banks...tragedy.  Expensive and avoidable. 

However learning from our mistakes arms us with knowledge for the future.  when it has not been raining I have been taking a look around a few Tuscan gardens.