Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adventure Gardens

Marnie Moyles hand carved swing - lovely
To us the sheer joy of creating a beautiful garden is magnified by sharing it with others.  Gardens over the years have changed in their use, ornamental and formal gardens were designed to impress and demonstrate power and wealth.  Kitchen, Fruit and Medicinal Gardens were essential elements of larger country estates whereas now we find more and more gardens are created to be family friendly spaces. Environments where families come together to relax and share time outdoors.  Here in our garden we have gone one step further and whilst we do have an outside dining area, places in which to enjoy the views over San Gimignano and Poggibonsi but we have also created a zone for adventure and fun.
Pod seat image courtesy of Mulcheney Forge - I love this idea

Designed for children of all ages we have utilised the natural planting and strung rope walks, tight ropes, trapezes and high flying swings from our massive umbrella pines.  In our smaller garden one large and very understanding pine tree plays host to four activities, knotted ropes for climbing, a hand-made rope ladder, a wooden swing and of course the essential siesta accessory a spacious hammock.
Metal swing seat

I love this woven pod

Cool Australian Design

Perfect for a shady spot

Siesta space

check out http://muchelneyforge.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html
Why not create a wild space for your children in the garden, a place for imaginations and spirits to soar.  Children also love to be involved in the building and knotting of ropework so it is a great idea to create a plan together.  At Bella Terra we are currently working on ideas for a woodland rope walk, a secret garden and treehouse, natural living willow huts and dens, hanging garden seats and very cool woven pods which are wonderfully comfortable and look pretty gorgeous too.

http://www.carolebeavis.co.uk - play den, handwoven willow sculpture