Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rules and Regs Tuscan Style

Working in Tuscany is a joy but there are elements of this work that can prove tricky.  Take permissions for example, what might seem like a simple gardening job can turn into a legal nightmare if you don't seek the legal permissions and conduct a survey.

Whilst we have worked on projects in several different regions of Tuscany there are no set rules, each Commune will have its own structure for obtaining permissions therefore we always advise seeking the help of an experienced local Geometra.

Things to consider when planning a garden and checking for permissions include:
  • Boundaries
  • Rights of Way
  • Access
  • Heights of Garden Structures
  • Ground Moving activities
  • Pergola Designs - with or without a covers
  • Materials - local suppliers
  • Water Courses - above and below ground
  • Protected environments
  • Communal Use
  • Visibility from other Communes and Churches
Phew, yes it is a bit of a minefield and well worth checking out all queries with an expert before undertaking larger landscaping work.  I always work with nature rather than against her and this is vital in Tuscany with such wildly variable climates and I try create harmonious gardens that sit well within the environment.  Taking this approach and using locally sourced natural materials will always prove beneficial when seeking legal permissions for gardening work.

For more info on planning a Tuscan Garden call Sharon on: 334 599 5702