Friday, July 5, 2013

Rose Gardens Tuscan Style

I never grow tired of taking time to smell the scent of the roses, it comes naturally to pause at climbing roses, rose bushes, wild hedgerows and formal rose beds to take in the form of the blooms, the sheen of the leaves and the scent of the rose petals.  In Tuscany roses are grown in vineyards in vegetable gardens, on wild verges and on balconies, a timeless statement of natural beauty.  The climbing rose in particular works wonderfully in both informal and classic Tuscan Gardens.  I have some personal favorites such as Banksiae with its clusters of petit white or yellow blooms, this climber is robust and fast growing and will spread across walls and pergolas swiftly achieving a mature look in the first year of planting.  New Dawn is a delicate looking rose with pale pinky blooms often merging with a peach hue, this too is robust and hardy and will tolerate changeable weather conditions.  Constance Spry is personal friend and a firm favorite of mine and if you are looking for a stunning bush plant then you can't beat Jude The Obscure.  Another very good all-rounder is the Iceberg which needs little maintenance and will establish well in most situations.

In my nursery garden I have over 30 types of rose cuttings which I am watching over with baited breath I have had great success with Iceburg, Banksiae and many others so watch this space.  For details on roses that will thrive in Tuscany contact Sharon on 334 599 5702 or email For research check out David Austin Roses at


Constance Spry

Jude the Obscure

New Dawn

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  1. Ciao Sharon
    Exactly the info I wanted as we need to plant a colorful bushy shrub to fill a gap in a raised bed. It gets a lot of shade and sunshine in this particular spot and will be backed by a dark green hedge. So, not a climber, one that will grow nice and round please and flowers in spring and summer.
    Ciao June