Friday, August 2, 2013

Autumn Garden Planning

So in the midst of the searing heat what better way to relax than plan a little Autumn gardening.  Whilst our days are currently spent mowing and watering and keeping gardens in good shape, evenings are overflowing with lists of flowering bulbs, winter veg, maintenance jobs and reorganisation of beds and borders.  This year I am planning a formal vegetable garden using raised beds and classic decorative formations.  I am studying Gertrude Jeckyll's gardens and will be taking a trip to Castle Drogo in September for more inspiration.  So I encourage all of those planning a garden in Tuscany to well ahead towards Spring 2014 and start ordering spring bulbs and seeds.  There are some great mail order companies such as Franchi or check out the RHS website or the Mediterranean Garden Society for research material. 

Why not create an online scrapbook of ideas on Pinterest too which is great fun and start compiling a monthly check list of garden jobs to do this autumn.

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