Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wellbeing and Water

Whenever I hear the sound of water in a garden I stop and breathe, the effect this has on me is instant.  Whether it be a fountain, stream, waterfall, rippling pond or tiny table top water feature, the sense of restfulness is the same.  In Tuscany water is an issue it most likely will remain so, therefore the use of water in the garden has to be carefully considered.  However with a little bit of wizardry water can be channeled and reused in the garden and need not become a drain on precious resources.  I always try and incorporate an element of water within a garden, classic Tuscan gardens often include a grand statuesque fountain whereas simple more contemporary gardens take a modern twist with simple metal or stone water features. Water connects spaces in the garden and can also act as a focal point or resting space.  Sitting alongside a flowing stream or cascade of water will naturally calm and refresh bringing a sense of well-being to the space.

I recently stumbled upon this amazing artist and am in love with his work.  I will be asking for his input on any larger garden designs as his sculptures are truly breathtaking.

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