Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raised beds

Over the years we have created all manner of raised beds, formal, informal, rustic chestnut timber and sleek contemporary zinc, curved and streamlined.  Raised beds are without a doubt one of the most rewarding elements of a classic or contemporary garden.  In Tuscany raised beds can be used to create pockets of rich fertile soil where flowering plants or veg can benefit from bountiful nutrients and water.  Trying to alter the structure of the soil in large areas is labour intensive and expensive and takes time.  Raised beds however are easy to manage and can quickly provide a heavenly growing area.  This year we created two vegetable beds in our small courtyard garden to grow some winter vegetables in.  Built from timber cut-offs and designed to be large enough to offer space but of a size that we can easily reach within.  These were then filled with a mixture of grass cuttings, brown mulch, organic scraps and some left over compost, over several months the contents has broken down and is now a rich hummus full of worms and our first batch of veg have truly thrived.

On a grander scale raised beds can provide formal features in ornamental herb and kitchen gardens and can be masterfully designed to compliment architectural features of a period property.  Whilst in smaller cottage or villa gardens raised beds offer a time and space saving alternative.

Below are some images for inspiration and should you wish to talk through your ideas for a garden using a raised bed system why not email me at bellaterra@arthouse-pr.com

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