About Us

At Bella Terra Garden Design we create gardens that work in harmony with your lifestyle.  Each garden is designed from scratch and hand drawn visuals are created incorporating various elements of the space, such as areas in which to relax and entertain, child friendly environments, flower and kitchen gardens.  We specialise is creating permaculture inspired gardens that are self supporting and naturally sustainable.
If only it was really this easy!
 Our services include:
  • Garden Design - Tuscan and Italian Gardens, English Cottage, Healing, Medicinal, Herbal  Courtyard Gardens, Kitchen and Vegetable Gardens
  • Planting Advice - Specific guidance on planting and garden management
  • Restoration - We restore lost and abandoned gardens, bringing new life to old gardens
  • Maintenance - Bella Terra can maintain gardens and oversee planting and plant care
  • Management  - We manage gardens and properties for absent property owners in Tuscany
What we charge:
For Garden Design projects and Consultancy work we charge a fixed fee of €50.00 per hour, however each project is costed individually.  We work in all areas of Tuscany, Italy and are also happy to discuss projects in the UK.

For Garden Maintenance and Management we charge €20 per hour plus expenses.  This service is available within 30km of our base near Siena in Tuscany.