Property Management

Property Management
Maintaining an overseas property remotely is no easy task and our team of property managers can act on your behalf to ensure that every element of your Tuscan home is well looked after. 

·         Cleaning and Decorating, Maintenance and Furnishings
·         Construction work and Pool Builds
·         Seasonal Property checks, maintenance of plumbing, electrics and utilities
·         Finance and administration,  we can oversee payments and record-keeping, make payments such as taxes, (local) contributions, insurances.
·         Legal issues related to property and garden related permissions and certificates, etc.

Personal Property Management Service
 ·         Finding and employment of qualified and suitable staff
·         Property management team on hand 24 hrs
·         Overseeing agreed work onsite such as building, landscaping, decoration, pool cleaning etc
·         Preparation of the property, meeting and greeting service
·         Property inspections (seasonally and after bad weather)
·         Inventory keeping and purchasing service inc. furnishings, linen, food and wine
·         Bookkeeping, record keeping, banking and accounting
·         Client Communication, regular updates by email with images
·         Rental management of bookings and marketing

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